Benefits of Recycled Plastic

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Recycled plastic has been with us since the 1980s but the trade in recycled plastic waste began to increase exponentially from 1993. This led to many of the present-day obstacles that are faced by the recycling industry – and also the detrimental impacts if this material ends up in the environment.

Benefits of Recycled Plastic

Plastic recycling is increasingly important as we try to tackle climate change and reduce the plastic pollution in the ocean. There are many reasons for recycling, which has both economic and environmental benefits.

How does recycling help the earth and help us?

A circular economy eliminates waste and pollution, circulates materials, and regenerates nature. It’s a way of achieving a sustainable economy. Recycling allows for innovation and employment within the industry as new technology is developed to make it even more efficient. Although some polymers cannot currently be recycled, there are still a number of useful things that can be made from waste plastic: such as construction materials.

Why is recycling important?

Recycling addresses the plastic waste that would otherwise be bound for landfill or the oceans: protecting the environment from pollution. Reduced incineration means harmful toxins are not released into the atmosphere. Recycling reduces the reliance on virgin plastic, which is made from fossil fuels – the production of plastic releases lots of CO2 into the atmosphere.

How does recycling help the environment?

Recycling saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. Every ton of recycled plastic saves the world 7,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is the amount of energy that would be required to run a Western household for up to seven months.  Additionally, recycling that amount of plastic will also save landfill space and protect the environment.

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