Can I Put Electrical Items in a Skip?

We often get asked can I put electrical items in a skip… The simple answer is that hazardous waste isn’t allowed in a skip and electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is categorised as just that. Such goods must be disposed of in a certain way. Read our article in full to find out more…

Can I Put Electrical Items in a Skip?

Old electrical goods must be disposed of in a responsible manner to protect the environment.

If I Can’t Put Electrical Items In a Skip, What Can I Do With Them?

EEE waste is anything with a plug or that has batteries –it can’t go to landfill and needs to be disposed of correctly. Here are some ways to dispose of old electrical goods:


Is the item broken or just unwanted? If it is broken, you will want to get rid of it but if it can be reused, why not ask friends and family if they want it? For working goods like old computers or even freezers, you could get extra cash by selling on eBay, Facebook, or your local selling site.

Specialist recycling companies

Some items can be completely recycled. Look out for businesses that accept EEE waste for recycling. For example, there are websites that recycle old mobile phones – with most offering you cash in return. They also may accept tablets, laptops or games consoles.

Licensed recycling site

Check with your recycling centre what they accept. Most have facilities for accepting EEE. These sites are run by local councils, who ensure the goods won’t go into landfill.

Return to the manufacturer

Government legislation requires EEE manufacturers to have a scheme in place to take responsibility for old goods. Check the manufacturer’s website and look for a scheme to take back old items. If you buy a new item, the seller has a legal responsibility to take back the old item – although there will be a charge.

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