Waste That Does Not Belong in a Skip

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Waste That Does Not Belong in a Skip

While Martlands Skip Hire Ormskirk are content to carry away and dispose of many different types of waste, there are certain materials we cannot handle as part of our regular skip hire service. Read on to find out which waste does not belong in a skip…

Waste That Does Not Belong in a Skip

Asbestos – Asbestos is potentially fatal if handled incorrectly. It needs professional care to locate, remove and dispose of it. Please don’t put any items you know is made of (or you believe may contain) asbestos into skips. Contact us to discuss removal options.

Fluorescent Tubes – These contain dangerous gasses that mustn’t be allowed to escape into the atmosphere.

Gas Bottles and Cylinders – Cylinders and bottles of gas – even if they seem empty – pose a fire risk. This is especially true if they are stored in a skip near flammable materials.

Solvents – Solvents are hazardous as can be seen from the warnings on their packaging.

Medical and Clinical Waste – It goes without saying that medical or clinical waste should never be placed in a domestic skip. This includes hypodermic needles.

Batteries – Batteries contain caustic acids that can lead to fires. They may leak and corrode the skip. Please don’t put them in a skip.

Oils – Oil, whether for lubrication or cooking, are banned from skips. They pose a serious fire risk.

Petrol or Diesel – Petrol and diesel are, of course, also a fire risk.

Paint and Paint Tins – Paint is often toxic and can contain solvents.

Electrical Equipment – Electrical equipment is covered by the WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) rules and its disposal is mandated by law. Our ordinary skip hire service does not cover this.

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