Fly Tipping Facts

Everybody in the waste industry has encountered fly-tipping at some point in their careers. It could well be described as a plague on the waste industry. Read our article below and find out the fly tipping facts you should know.

Fly Tipping Facts and Penalties

According to government statistics, over 850,000 fly-tipping incidents are dealt with by councils each year – that is 2,300 every single day! About 50% of these are at the side of roads, and 30% on footpaths and alleys.

Nearly two-thirds of reported incidents involve household waste, and around a third were of a vanload or less. The total cost to authorities was £45 million – that is approximately £2 for every household. The extent of the problem is such that it drains council resources that could better be employed elsewhere. Half a million enforcement actions take place every year, costing the taxpayer £17 million.

While most incidents involve household waste, often from domestic home improvement works such as building, gardening, plumbing and plastering, a substantial number of enforcement actions were against traders who dumped waste to avoid paying the landfill taxes. Fly-tips, as we in the waste management industry know, are very awkward to clear up because there is a real risk that the reason the waste was dumped illegally is because it contains hazardous materials such as asbestos which requires specialist handling. That is why some rogue traders dump the waste, and the taxpayer has to pick up the bill.

The maximum penalties for fly-tipping were increased in 2014 to deter people from breaking the law. The maximum penalty is now £95,000 for individuals, with the average being about £1000 for a first offence with no aggravating circumstances. For companies, especially those who are repeat offenders or dump dangerous materials, the maximum fine is £3 million. Additionally, there are unlimited penalties under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, which is used if there is environmental contamination or injury as a result of the waste being dumped, as well as prison sentences.

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