Guide To Hazardous Waste – What The Law Says

Managing hazardous waste is a critical responsibility for businesses that produce, handle, or dispose of such materials. Ensuring that hazardous waste causes no harm or damage is not just a moral obligation but also a legal one. This guide to hazardous waste – what the law says will help you understand your responsibilities and ensure your waste management practices are compliant.

Waste Duty of Care

The ‘waste duty of care’ concept is central to the legal framework surrounding hazardous waste. This duty encompasses several responsibilities for different roles within the waste management chain:

Waste Producers or Holders

If you produce or store hazardous waste, you must ensure it is managed correctly from the point of production until its final disposal. This includes proper storage, labelling, and documentation.

Waste Carriers

Those who collect and transport hazardous waste must be registered and comply with specific regulations to prevent environmental contamination during transit.

Waste Consignees

Entities that receive hazardous waste for recycling or disposal have stringent requirements to ensure safe handling and processing.

Is Your Waste Hazardous?

Understanding whether your waste is considered hazardous is crucial. Hazardous waste is defined as any material that poses a risk to human health or the environment. Common examples include:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Oils
  • Ozone-depleting substances (e.g., those found in fridges)
Steps for Compliance

If your business produces, holds, stores, or has hazardous waste removed from its premises by a contractor, follow these steps to ensure compliance:

Use an Authorised Business

Always use an authorised business to collect, recycle, and dispose of hazardous waste. Verify that the waste carrier is registered and the site has the appropriate environmental permits.

Fill in the Waste Consignment Note

When your hazardous waste is collected, you will receive a consignment note from your transporter. Fill this out accurately, keep one copy for yourself, and give the other two copies to the carrier.

Keep Records Onsite

Maintain records onsite at the premises where the hazardous waste was produced for at least three years. These records should include:

  • Consignment notes
  • Consignee returns
  • Any related documents, such as carrier schedules and records of rejected loads
Additional Requirements

There are extra requirements under certain circumstances:

Rejected Loads

If your hazardous waste is rejected by a processing site, follow any guidance provided on how to manage these loads safely.

Transporting Your Own Waste

If you transport any business-related hazardous waste yourself or on behalf of another entity, you must meet all requirements for licensed waste carriers.

Receiving, Treating or Disposing of Hazardous Waste

For those who receive hazardous materials – including deliveries within their own business – treat or dispose of it on their premises; specific regulations apply here, too.

Receiving Hazardous Waste

Ensure all deliveries are documented correctly upon arrival at your facility.

Treating or Disposing Onsite

Follow all guidelines regarding treatment processes used within facilities handling such dangerous substances directly where they were generated initially (your own).

Stay Compliant with Legal Requirements

By adhering strictly towards these guidelines outlined above concerning managing potentially harmful substances responsibly throughout every stage involved (production/storage/transport/disposal), businesses can avoid severe penalties while protecting both public health & natural ecosystems alike effectively over time!

Ignorance isn’t bliss when dealing with something as serious as toxic materials! Make sure everyone involved knows exactly what needs doing according to current laws/regulations governing safe disposal practices today!

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