How Do You Measure A Skip Size?

Deciding on which skip to order can be really difficult but how do you measure a skip size? Large skips are cheaper but only if you can fill them up. Order one that’s too big and you end up paying too much – but there’s nothing worse than ordering a skip that’s too small and end up having to order a second one. Our skip size guide explains the various skip sizes, the kind of projects each is suited to, and restrictions that apply to larger skips.

How Do You Measure A Skip Size?

Skip sizes are based on their volume in cubic yards. A cubic yard is 1 yard (3 feet) high by 1 yard wide by 1 yard deep – roughly the size of two washing machines. In metric, a cubic yard is equivalent to about ¾ of a cubic metre – 91cm by 91cm by 91cm).

How Big Is A 4 Yard Skip?

Although relatively small in size, this skip is perfect for those tasks where space is limited. A 4 tonne skip generally has a volume of 3 cubic metres, with a height of 0.97m, length 1.83m and width 1.29m.

How Big Is A 8 yard Skip?

An 8 yard skip can accommodate approximately 60 to 80 bin bags full of waste. Expect your 8 Tonne skip to have a volume around 6.1 cubic metres, with a height of 1.22m, length of 3.66m and width 1.68m.

How Big Is A 20 Yard Skip?

A typical 20-yard skip measures 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 4 feet high (6.10m x 2.44m x 1.07m). It can hold up to 200 black bin bags full of waste.

How Big Is A 40 Yard Skip?

A 40-yard skip typically measures about 20 feet in length, is 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet high (that is 6.10m x 2.44m x 1.07m), and they can carry as many as 440 black bin bags worth of waste.

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