How to Dispose of your Television

A television is amongst the most used electrical appliances in many homes. When you get a new one, whether that’s because of an upgrade or that your television has broken, you must make sure you dispose of your television in a safe way.

How to Dispose of your Television

Here is our guide on disposing of a television.

What to do with working televisions

Here are some things you can do with an old working TV.

Donate your television

If your TV is in working condition, a donation is a great option. You could pass your television on to a family member or friend, or a local charity shop.

Sell it

If you need some extra cash, one option is to sell your television. The most popular way to do this is online on a marketplace or auction site.

What to do with broken televisions

Do check your television is actually broken as if it is can be repaired that can save you money. If it definitely has to go here are some of your options.

Council collection

Your council will offer a collection service for televisions and other electrical items.


Recycling is a great option that will help the environment. You can look online for a place near you where a TV can be recycled.

Electrical items that are recycled are taken away to a reprocessing plant where they are broken down into small pieces. After that, magnets are used to remove ferrous metals like steel. Non-ferrous metals are removed with electric currents.

Recycling electrical items prevent them from ending up in landfill sites, where hazardous substances could leak out and contaminate the water and soil.

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