How to Make Rubbish Removal Cheaper


In our quest to declutter and maintain clean environments, we often generate a considerable amount of waste. However, have you ever stopped to think about how much of your rubbish could be donated or reused? Or how you can reduce the amount of rubbish and break down bulky waste to have more room in the skip? In this blog post, we explore these questions and provide tips on how to make rubbish removal cheaper using Martland Skip Hire Services Ormskirk.

Can Rubbish Be Donated or Reused?

Before you throw away items, it’s worth considering if they can be donated or reused. Many items that seem like rubbish can actually be valuable to someone else. Old clothes, furniture, appliances, books, toys – all these can find a new home through charity shops or donation centres.

Similarly, many items can be repurposed or upcycled into something new. For instance, glass jars can become storage containers; old t-shirts can become rags; wooden pallets can become garden furniture. By donating or reusing items, not only do you reduce the amount of waste going into landfills but also help others and potentially save money.

Reducing the Amount of Rubbish and Breaking Down Bulky Waste

One effective way to make rubbish removal cheaper is by reducing the amount of waste generated and breaking down bulky items. The less space your waste takes up in a skip, the fewer skips you’ll need to hire – saving you money.

Start by separating your waste into categories: recyclables (like paper, plastic bottles), compostables (like food scraps), reusable/donatable items (as discussed above), and actual rubbish. This will automatically reduce the volume of ‘rubbish.’

For bulky items like furniture or appliances that cannot be reused or donated, try to break them down into smaller pieces. For instance, dismantle furniture or separate parts of appliances. This will allow you to fit more into the skip and make your rubbish removal more cost-effective.

Using Council Bulky Waste Collection Service

Another way to save on rubbish removal costs is by using your local council’s bulky waste collection service. Many councils offer free or low-cost collections for large items that don’t fit in regular bins, like furniture or appliances.

However, there are often restrictions on what they will collect and how often you can use the service. So, it’s important to check with your local council for details.

How Martland Skip Hire Services Ormskirk Can Help

If you’re in Ormskirk and surrounding areas, Martland Skip Hire Services can help make your rubbish removal cheaper and more efficient. We offer a range of skips in different sizes to suit all types of waste disposal needs.

Our team is experienced in advising customers on the most cost-effective solutions for their waste disposal needs. We can guide you on how best to reduce and break down your waste for maximum efficiency.

Moreover, we are committed to environmentally friendly practices. We recycle as much of the collected waste as possible and dispose of non-recyclable items responsibly.

Martlands Skip Hire

In conclusion, making rubbish removal cheaper involves a combination of reducing waste, reusing or donating items where possible, breaking down bulky items, using council services when appropriate, and choosing an efficient skip hire service like Martland Skip Hire Services Ormskirk.

Remember that every item saved from landfill helps protect our environment – so these strategies are not just good for your wallet but also for our planet!

To order a skip for your project, just call the friendly team at Martlands Skip Hire Ormskirk on 01704 779345 for a skip hire quote tailored to your requirements. We are always pleased to help!

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