How to Reduce Plastic Pollution in the Home

The problem of plastic pollution is a growing concern in recent years. We can all do our bit to reduce the use of plastic packaging by recycling where possible and avoiding single-use plastics.

How to Reduce Plastic Pollution in the Home

Reducing plastic consumption begins at home. A large amount of household waste is plastic, from food containers to drinks bottles. To tackle it, you need to stay aware. Try to buy loose fruit and vegetables; invest in reusable grocery bags.

Some grocery stores sell packaging-free foods and other everyday items. You might even be able to save money this way. Market stalls are a good place to get food without plastic packaging.

Home cooking is a natural way to reduce plastic waste. The black trays supermarket ready meals come in are made of low-grade mixed plastic and often cannot be recycled – even if they go in the recycling bin.

How is plastic recycled?

  • Plastics are sorted into polymer types
  • This is shredded and washed to create a new material
  • Plastic shred is melted and formed into pellets, which are used as raw material in manufacturing.

Some plastics are less economical than others to recycle, but most plastic bottles are made of PET or HDPE, which can both be easily recycled at a relatively low cost.

Plastic bottles and the UK Plastics Pact

We’re five years from the deadline of the UK Plastics Pact. It’s a commitment by Wrap and has been joined by over 40 of the UK’s biggest brands. They aim to eliminate single-use plastic by 2025 and make all plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable.

COVID-19 plastic pollution

As the world went into lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, reduced activity led to a drop in carbon emissions and less littering. However plastic pollution is beginning to accumulate again.

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