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Almost everyone in has experienced the problems that fly-tipping brings. Despite a focus on recycling and waste management, littering and fly-tipping are on the rise as business waste collections become less frequent. Fly-tipping can be avoided by using a midi skip from Martlands Skip Hire.

Don’t Fly Tip: Hire a Skip!

Fly tipping is hazardous and anti-social. Our fields, roads, alleyways, and streets can be plagued by rubbish. Fly-tipping brings many problems. A dumped pile of rubbish is an eyesore. Fly-tipping attracts pests such as rats and flies to an area, and they can then infest nearby homes and businesses, causing damage and health concerns for local residents. Dumped waste can contain any number of dangerous substances and articles, such as bleach or broken glass. Such substances can damage to the environment and are hazardous to the health of humans who have homes in the area or are just walking past. If the waste is organic, then it can contain ingredients that are poisonous to dogs and other domestic animals.

Fly-Tipping On The Rise

Fly-tipping is becoming more common than ever. Incidents of fly-tipping have increased by over a fifth in the past few years, and over 825,000 incidents have been dealt with recently by local authorities. This adds up to 1 billion pounds of taxpayers money being spent every single year on cleaning up waste from those who refuse to dispose of waste safely.

Martlands Midi Skip Hire 

Just because you don’t dump the waste doesn’t mean it is being disposed of responsibly. People have been prosecuted for using unlicensed waste carriers who have then fly-tipped the waste. If it gets tracked back to you, you can be fined or even get a criminal record. When you hire a skip from Martlands Ormskirk skip hire, you have the peace of mind that professionals will be dealing with your waste safely and responsibly. If you need a convenient way to get rid of rubbish, contact us today.

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