Moving House in Crosby


Moving house in Crosby is stressful, but by preparing, you can save a lot of hassle. One way to do this is to start clearing your house well before the move.

Moving House in Crosby: Tips for an Efficient Clear-out

Here are our tips on how to efficiently clear out items before moving house.


Clearing and sorting takes a long time, as you will have accumulated many Crosby belongings over the years. Starting well in advance really helps. Make sure you have plenty of bin bags and cardboard boxes.

Work room by room and sort items into piles: things to keep, things to sell, things to give to charity, and things to throw away.

Don’t get distracted!

It’s easy to get distracted when you rediscover old Crosby photographs or Crosby mementoes. But stick to the task at hand and put those sentimental items to one side for later.

Be ruthless

We become attached to our Crosby belongings, which can make a clear-out difficult. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless – ask yourself:

  • -Is it important to keep this item?
  • -When did I last use it?
  • -Can I live without it?
  • -Do I need to replace it with a new item?

Keep important documents in a folder

Put important documents in a folder so you know where they are and to avoid accidentally throwing important paperwork away.

Get help

Ask your friends and family to see if anyone can help you sort your things. When clearing a full house, you need as much help as you can get!

Hire a Crosby skip

Hire a Crosby skip to dispose of any items you no longer need. At Martlands, we have a range of Crosby skip sizes depending on the scale of house clearance.

Martlands Skip Hire Crosby

For more than a hundred years, Martlands Skip Hire has been helping local people from Crosby with recycling, skip hire and rubbish disposal. Call us today for more help and advice.

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