Planning A New Year Clearout?

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Planning A New Year Clearout?

At the New Year, many of us find ourselves with a large amount of general waste to dispose of. When this happens, you have two options, multiple trips to the tip or to hire a small skip for your new year clearout.

Planning A New Year Clearout?

A small skip is ideal for getting rid of low volumes of waste. A 4 tonne skip holds between 65 and 85 ‘black bags’ of waste. They are ideal for projects like:

  • A home or garage clearout
  • Redecorating
  • Minor renovation work.

If you do not have access to a vehicle that is the right size to transport waste to the tip, hiring a small skip is an affordable alternative.  A two-yard skip is small enough to can fit in a range of different locations – including even a smaller driveway.

Don’t Take Trips To The Tip

Travelling back and forth to your local authority waste disposal facility is time-consuming, and wastes precious time that could be spent working on your new year clearout project. Skip hire is extremely convenient – the idea solution to waste disposal.

Waste Disposal Services

We all need a clear out every now & then, and the New Year is a popular time to do so. It’s great to make space by throwing away the Christmas clutter, but black bins only fit so much, and we have to dispose of waste safely and legally. Our skip hire service is very affordable. We offer our customers the best service and the lowest price possible.

Martlands Skip Hire

With a selection of skips and a dedicated recycling centre, Martlands Skip Hire can help you this New Year to deal with your waste. We take care of all the arrangements for you – including getting a council permit for a roadside skip if you need one. Our staff are approachable and want to help. So, if you need to hire a  skip, call Martlands Skip Hire on one of our regional numbers below:-

Ormskirk Skip Hire 01704 779345
Southport Skip Hire 01704 779345
Skelmersdale Skip Hire 01695 769123
Bamber Bridge Skip Hire 01772 364 399
Chorley Skip Hire 01257 752399
Leyland Skip Hire 01772 364399