Leyland Skip Hire

Leyland Skip Hire

Martland’s Ormskirk Skip Hire and waste management specialist are your local Leyland skip hire specialists. Call us when you need to remove refuse.

Leyland Skip Hire Specialist

What skip do you need? We can deliver one of a range of different skips. Please call us to discuss what you might need.

Size guide for skips:

  • 8 Tonne Maxi Builders Skip – large construction jobs. Capable of taking 160 – 240 bin bags.
  • 4 Tonne Midi Skip – kitchen or bathroom refits, smaller construction jobs, garden clearances. Takes 65 – 85 bin bags Roll on/Roll Off (RORO) skip – largest specialist projects.

Skip Hire Leyland

How large a skip will I need?

That depends: You can always call us to discuss – but allow for a fair margin of error as you’ll find you always create more refuse than you expect! Can We supply all from small skips through to RORO skips, so we’ll have something that suits?

How much refuse can I put into a skip?

The refuse has to be below the level of top of the skip, or it may not be safe for us to transport it.

How much space does the delivery driver need?

The vehicle needs to have enough space to unload safely. Our drivers are highly skilled, but if you think that the access is going to be tight, please tell us so we can make appropriate plans.

What can I put inside the skip?

Certain items are prohibited–asbestos, for example, but we do take most items. Again – call us if unsure.

Will the refuse be recycled?

Of course! We have our own dedicated recycling centre.

Martland Skip Hire

We are a Licensed Refuse Carrier and Site Operator. Our clients can be reassured that their refuse is always correctly and legally handled, transported and processed. If you want to find out more, then call Martlands Skip Hire Leyland on our local number: 01772 364399.