Paint Tin Disposal Guide

Paint Tin Disposal Guide

A very common form of waste from home renovations is paint. Many people have old paint tins stored away that need to be disposed of. Unlike many other waste types, paint tins are “hazardous waste” and need special treatment. Read our paint tin disposal guide for more help and advice…

Paint Tin Disposal Guide

Our paint tin disposal guide should answer any questions you have on paint tin recycling.

Disposing Of Paint

The first step is to dispose of any excess paint from your paint tin. Never pour it down the sink or a drain. To do so is a major environmental concern, as harmful chemicals end up in the water supply.

Here are the responsible options for disposing of paint:


Donating spare paint could help somebody else finish their own DIY project. Ask family and friends, charities of community groups.

Recycling Centre

If the unused paint is to be thrown away, it needs to be taken to a licensed waste recycling centre to be disposed of responsibly. Usually, the leftover paint will need to have hardened before you can take it to a recycling facility.

Empty Paint Tins

If you’ve used all your paint, you still need to get rid of the tins. Empty paint tins cannot be thrown in with mixed recycling or landfill waste. Even empty paint tins are still hazardous waste.

Where Can I Take My Old Paint Tins?

Empty paint tins can be taken to the local authority recycling facility, where they will be recycled responsibly. The vast majority of council recycling centres can accept paint tins, and you can make sure by simply giving them a call. Remember that the paint will have to be removed from them first or left to harden.

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