Registered Waste Carriers

Registered Waste Carriers
Whether you are a renovating a house, refitting a shop or constructing a building, it is crucial that you only use registered waste carriers to dispose of the large amounts of waste that are produced in such activities.

Responsible Waste Disposal

The waste you create is your responsibility. If you fail to dispose of it responsibly, you could be fined of up to £250,000 or given a prison sentence. This alone should be reason enough for you to ensure you use a registered waste carrier to dispose of waste.

Environmental Impact

If waste isn’t disposed of properly, this has a detrimental effect on the environment. Waste can pollute waterways, which harms wildlife that lives in rivers. It can also put harmful chemicals into the soil that we use to grow food.

Hazard to Health

It is clearly a health hazard to eat vegetables grown in soil damaged by waste that has not been disposed of properly. The waste can also be hazardous to people using the area in which it is dumped. Sharp objects can harm children, and if there is anything dangerous in the waste, such as asbestos or chemicals, it can have a significant effect on people using the area.

Clear Up Costs

When we are all trying to save money, the cost of clearing up irresponsibly disposed waste is an avoidable one. It doesn’t cost much to hire a skip, and by doing so, you can be assured that you are doing your bit to cut down on the money spent by local governments and councils cleaning up fly-tipped waste.

It is clear why a registered waste carrier who will recycle or safely dispose of your waste it the right choice. For all your skip hire needs, contact Martlands Waste management. Martland’s Ormskirk Skips are your local, trusted experts in waste disposal and recycling and we are fully licenced registered waste carriers.

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