Rubbish Removal Guide

Planning an Easter Clearout

We all have plenty of things in our homes that we don’t use anymore – or are never going to use. Even if hoarding is not taking its toll on your life, you’ll still probably have some overstuffed cupboards or clutter in the loft. Read our rubbish removal guide to find out more…

Rubbish Removal Guide

Getting rid of items that you have collected over years can be difficult, but essential if you want to make your home more comfortable. One of the first things you need to do is to think about skip hire, to ensure you’ve got enough space to quickly get rid of bulky rubbish.

Make A List

Organising is a great way to make sure the project keeps momentum and you don’t get bogged down. A useful tip is to create different sections within the list:

  • sellable items
  • reusable items
  • recyclable items

Go through your stuff in a systematic way, and see what you can get rid of – starting with the larger items.

Hire A Skip

Cheap skip hire Ormskirk means you do not have to miss out on the advantages of having a skip. Not only does it provide a contained area to put your rubbish, so you don’t need to drive to the tip every few hours, the pickup date gives you a deadline for the project.

Know How To Fill Your Skip

Dealing with larger items first gives you a better working area and makes you feel like you’ve made progress, but they can quickly fill a skip. Try breaking up your larger items, or placing them on the top of smaller rubbish to keep the skip more stable during transit.

Act On The List

Once you’ve got rid of your rubbish in the skip, you need to act on the rest of the waste. When it comes to items you selling or giving to charity, get this done as soon as possible. Use online auction sites, attend car boot sales or just drive them to the charity shop.

Martlands Skip Hire

To order a skip for your project, just call the friendly team at Martlands Skip Hire Ormskirk on 01704 779345 for a skip hire quote tailored to your requirements. We are always pleased to help!

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