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Booking a skip hire in Ormskirk can be a convenient and efficient way to dispose of large amounts of waste. However, if you don’t load your skip correctly, you could end up spending more money than necessary. Efficiently using the available space in your skip can save you from having to order another one or an even bigger size. Read our Skip Hire How To Guide to learn more about making the most of your skip hire.

Skip Hire How To Guide

Of course, you can just throw your rubbish straight into the skip, but that will waste space. Once your items are inside the skip, it can be difficult to rearrange them into a better position. Making sure that you load your skip efficiently can result in more usable space, making it cheaper.

Heavy Stuff at the Bottom

If possible, throw away heavier items first. This is especially useful if the heavy items form a flat surface. Placing heavy items at the bottom not only helps with stability but also ensures that lighter items on top won’t get crushed.

Break Up Anything You Can

This is particularly important for furniture, which comes in odd shapes that make the skip-loading process more difficult. Break any legs off tables and chairs to allow for a flatter and more level area to work with. Breaking down larger items into smaller pieces will help you maximize space and fit more into your skip.

Use Boards

Although you must not fill a skip past the markings, you can use wooden planks or flat pieces of furniture to maximize filling space and make the skip’s contents more secure when it is moved. Boards can help create layers within your skip so that smaller items don’t fall through gaps and waste valuable space.

Keep Your Skip on Your Property

People can’t resist helping you fill a roadside skip, so if you have the space, keep it on your own property to dissuade anyone else from adding to your skip’s contents. This will ensure that only your waste goes into the skip, preventing others from filling it up with their rubbish.

Additional Tips for Efficient Skip Loading

Plan Ahead

Before starting to load your skip, take some time to plan how you’ll place each item inside it. Consider which items are going in first and how they will fit together.

Flatten Boxes

Flattening cardboard boxes before placing them in the skip will save significant amounts of space compared to throwing them in as they are.

Fill Gaps

Make sure every gap is filled with smaller items or debris. This ensures no wasted space within your loaded skip.

Avoid Overfilling

Never overfill your skip beyond its marked limit, as this could lead to additional charges or even refusal by the collection service due to safety concerns during transport.

Benefits of Efficient Skip Loading

Efficiently loading your hired Ormskirk skips has several benefits:

  1. Cost-Effective: Properly loading means you’ll need fewer skips overall.
  2. Environmental Impact: More efficient use of skips means fewer trips by collection vehicles.
  3. Safety: Properly loaded skips are safer during transportation.
  4. Time-Saving: Planning ahead saves time when loading and unloading skips.

When booking a Skip Hire Ormskirk service, it’s crucial that you load it correctly for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By following our Skip Hire How To Guide—placing heavy stuff at the bottom, breaking up large items like furniture, using boards strategically and keeping skips on private property—you’ll be able to make full use of available space while avoiding unnecessary costs associated with ordering additional or larger skips.

Remember these tips next time you’re faced with disposing large amounts of waste; efficient loading isn’t just smart—it’s essential!

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