Skip Permits

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Skip PermitsHere at Martland’s, we want to make Ormskirk skip hire simple. Part of that service includes arranging skip permits if they are required. What is a skip permit and why might you need one?

What Are Skip Permits?

Skip permits allow you to place containers on the road or a grass verge near your property. If you are putting the skip on your own private property, for example on a driveway or in the garden, you don’t need a permit. But if your skip will need to located on the road then you will need to get a permit.

You need a permit because your local council has a legal requirement to midimise roadside hazard. Otherwise, pedestrians, cyclists or motorists could come to harm. If you fail to obtain a permit, you could be fined for committing an offence under the Highways Act!

How Do You Obtain A Permit?

First, you contact your local authority to find out their skip hire regulations. Some local authorities require you to apply for the permit yourself. Most of the time we will be able to arrange one for you – just ask! Most councils now offer an online skip permit application service. If not you’ll have to obtain an application form. If we’re arranging the permit, we’ll take a few details such as your address and the hire date.

It can sometimes take 14 working days to arrange for the permit. This depends on the council’s internal processes so allow plenty of time. There can be additional costs, and prices differ between councils. Permits usually last for a week or two, so if you need the skip for longer, then you’ll need to make or arrange for another application.

Other requirements

Some councils have additional guidelines for you to adhere to before they agree to grant a permit for placing a skip on the road. These differ with each council, but the list of provisions can include a requirement for additional reflective markings or a flashing night-time safety light.