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Waste management can seem to be a dull topic, but waste disposal is an essential part of modern life. We are all buying more and more products every year and so we have more waste to dispose of all the time. Without effective waste management, we would have to live amongst our own rubbish!

Dispose of waste responsibly

The waste you and your family create is your responsibility to dispose of. If you dump your waste – or use an unauthorised waste transporter who dumps your waste – illegally then you are liable for a £5000 fine. This dwarfs the cost of disposing of your waste properly and just goes to show how important is it to dispose of waste responsibly.

Skip Hire in Lancashire

Skip hire is an easy way for businesses or individuals to have their waste removed safely and efficiently. During a house renovation, when having a garden redesigned or after a big spring clean or house clearance you will generate large amounts of waste that needs to be disposed of all at the same time. Your local council is unlikely to be willing or able to pick up that much rubbish through the normal bin collection service. Skip hire is the ideal solution in these cases. You don’t need to worry about arranging for a van or trailer to carry waste to the tip and don’t need to handle it twice. You just order the appropriate size of skip to be delivered directly to your door and then call us to collect it once you’ve loaded it up. We can even supply another one at the same time if you have more waste to remove.

Martland Waste Management Services

The family-run Martlands Orsmirk skip hire & Ormskirk waste management group can provide everything you need when it comes to waste removal, skip hire and recycling. Our four-tonne midi-skips are ideal for cleanouts and we can provide a range of larger skips to suit any need. So whether you need Wigan skip hire and waste management or Southport skip hire and waste management we cover the whole of the local areas so give us a call today.

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