Ten Things You Did Not Know Could be Recycled

We all have a part to play in caring for the planet. Recycling can have a huge impact on lowering your carbon footprint by keeping waste out of landfills. Read our article on ten things you did not know could be recycled and start doing your bit from today…

Ten Things You Did Not Know Could be Recycled

Many people are surprised to learn about some everyday items that can be given a new lease of life.


Old fluorescent lamps can be recycled in a recycling centre. Some technology stores will take them off your hands too.


Despite generally being made of recyclable aluminium, bicycles are often tossed into landfills. Consider giving away your old bike to a local charity.


Batteries are a troublesome product if they are not recycled correctly. The metal doesn’t decompose, and toxic chemicals will contaminate the area. Most supermarkets have battery recycling points.


Bras can be given a new lease of life. Charities offer bra bank services and ship them to places like Togo, Ghana, and Kenya.

Tennis Balls

Worn-out tennis balls can be donated to dogs homes and animal shelters.

Make-Up Containers

Most major cosmetics companies have recycling schemes for used make-up containers.


Colgate has a scheme that recycles any brand of toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and even electric toothbrush heads.


Wondering how to dispose of an old carpet? A not-for-profit called Carpet Recycling UK may take it off your hands.

Wine corks

Send them to Recorked UK – For every cork, they donate a percentage of profits to charity.


The Writing Instruments Recycling Programme is run by BIC, but you can dispose of any brand of pen, highlighter, marker, felt tip, or correction fluid pot. The items are cleaned and melted down into hard plastic that is reused for other products.

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