The Do's and Don’ts Of Skip Hire

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The Dos and Don’ts Of Skip Hire

It is important not to fall foul of any local legislation, or breach safety rules of skip hire. Doing so could get incur extra costs or be against the law.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Skip Hire

Do order the right sized skip

It is important to order the right skip for your needs. Getting the size wrong and you could end up paying over the odds. Order too small a skip then you run the risk of hiring a second one to complete your task.

Do think about safety

Safety simply cannot be ignored. Consider where you will put the skip. Will it be on the highway? What rubbish are you throwing away? How much is there? If the skip is to go on a road then a permit probably is required to ensure the safety of road users.

Don’t Overfill the skip

A skip may only be filled to the level of the top of the container. Overfilling a skip might cause the delivery vehicle to exceed its weight limit and the driver can refuse to collect it. An overflowing skip poses a safety issue to road users.

Don’t burn rubbish in a skip

Under no circumstances should a skip ever be used to burn rubbish.  This contravenes fire safety guidelines and will damage the skip. You will be liable for the costs to repair and re-paint it, could be reported to the Environment Agency and the Fire Service may prosecute you.

Don’t dump dangerous materials or un-permitted materials

Pay careful attention to the types of materials you put in the skip. Do not dispose of any prohibited materials such as asbestos, fridges, freezers, tyres, unsealed paint cans or oil.

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