Top Tips for Home Recycling

The average UK household produces over a tonne of waste per year. Recycling at home is extremely important; and little things can have a huge impact.

Top Tips for Home Recycling

By following few simple steps, home recycling can transform from being a chore into something that is fun for all the family. Not only will recycling reduce your household waste, but it will also benefit the environment and improve the world around you. Remember, if you have a large quantity of waste, skip hire may save you time, money and effort.

What can you recycle?

Plastic bottles – A lot of household bottles are made from ‘soft’ plastic, which can easily be reprocessed. Items like sauce bottles, mouthwash and milk containers can all go in the recycle bin. Check with your local recycling centre whether stronger plastic such as Tupperware can also be recycled.

Junk mail and other Scrap paper – The trick with junk mail is to deal with it as soon as it arrives. Don’t let it pile up and clutter your home, put it straight into the recycling.

Cardboard – Items like cereal boxes and biscuit packets can easily be recycled, just make sure you open them up and break them down before you put them in the recycling bin. This saves space in your recycling container and also makes the process of recycling cardboard more efficient.

Metallic items – Metal waste like spray cans, food containers, food tins, drink cans and clean tin foil can all be recycled forever.

Glass bottles – Glass products can always be reprocessed and used over and over again. Recycling glass uses much less energy than producing it from raw materials.

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