Waste and Recycling Myths Busted

In the fight against climate change, recycling is one solution to reducing the amount of waste we put in a landfill. But what can and can’t be recycled? Read our waste and recycling myths busted article for more information…

Waste and Recycling Myths Busted

Here are some common recycling myths.

You have to clean tins and jars for them to be recycled properly


You should at least rinse items, to get them as clean as possible, before recycling.

Why? – Food residue cannot be reliably processed. If contamination levels are too high, the whole load may be rejected and sent to landfill.

Putting non-recyclables in the recycling bin will contaminate everything


You may contaminate the whole load if you put the wrong things in the recycling bin.

The following items cannot be recycled in kerbside collections:

  • glass cookware (e.g. Pyrex®, drinking glasses and window glass)
  • containers or bottles containing liquids
  • items contaminated with lots of food or grease, such as greasy pizza boxes
  • sanitary items
  • tissues and wet wipes
  • sticky paper such as Post-It ® notes and masking tape
  • wallpaper and wrapping paper
  • crisp packets and sweet wrappers

The triangle icon means that something is recyclable


The Green Dot logo means a company has joined the scheme and made a financial contribution towards recovery and recycling of packaging. It doesn’t necessarily mean the packaging can be recycled.

Plastic labelled as ‘compostable’ can go in the recycle bin


These materials may not break down in household organic bins. So unless the product is certified Home Compostable, it’s best to put them in general waste.

Soft plastic can’t be recycled


Soft plastics include plastic shopping bags, yoghurt lids, and films on ready meals.

Some of these soft plastics can be recycled – but only at collection points at major supermarkets.

Larger stores of major supermarkets can usually accept:

  • Plastic bags
  • Breakfast cereal liners
  • Bubble wrap
  • Delivery bags
  • Frozen food bags
  • Magazine and newspaper wrappers
  • Multi-pack wrapping
  • Plastic marked as low-density polyethene (LDPE) – resin ID code 4

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