Waste Types That Don't Belong In Skips

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Waste Types
Whether it’s rubble or garden furniture, bathroom suites or garden waste, there are many different waste types you may want to dispose of. There are some waste materials that you cannot simply dispose of in a skip due to waste type legislation requirements. If you have any of these types of waste and need to know how to get rid of it, please give us a call! We’ll discuss how to handle it.

Waste types that doesn’t belong in a skip

  • Asbestos – Asbestos is potentially deadly if handled incorrectly. It needs professional attention and care to be located, identified, removed and disposed of. Please don’t place anything you think might contain asbestos into a skip. Instead, call us for advice.
  • Fluorescent Tubes – These harmless looking bulbs contain potentially dangerous gas that should not be allowed to escape into the air.
  • Gas Bottles and Cylinders – Any cylinders or bottles that have contained gas pose a fire risk – even if they seem to be empty. In a skip, they could be next to flammable materials so dispose of them properly.
  • Solvents – Many hazardous substances have warnings on their packaging. Solvents, acids and other unknown liquids should not go in a skip.
  • Clinical Waste – Medical or clinical waste such as needles or used dressings must never be placed in a skip. Infections can be spread this way.
  • Batteries – Inside batteries are acids that could cause fires or burns. They may leak and cause damage to the skip. Batteries are widely recycled at facilities all over the UK.
  • Petrol, Diesel and Oil –Any oil, whether for lubrication or cooking, is a fire risk and doesn’t belong in a skip.
  • Paint Cans – Paint can be toxic and often contains solvents.
  • Electrical Items – All electrical equipment disposal is covered by the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) rules so cannot be disposed of in a skip.

Put simply, anything that could cause a fire, explosion harm to health can’t go in a skip. If you are unsure, call Martlands Ormskirk Skip Hire team for advice.