What Happens To The Plastic I Put In A Skip?

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What Happens To The Plastic I Put In A Skip?

The average life of a plastic bag used to be just 25 minutes, and after being thrown away, plastic bags don’t decompose quickly. They remain for between 100 and 500 years before finally disintegrating. In 2015, British law changed, so shops had to charge customers for single-use carrier bags, which led to a decrease of 300 million bags. However, there is still plenty of plastic out there, making up a large proportion of our rubbish. So what happens to the plastic I put in a skip?

What Happens To The Plastic I Put In A Skip?

Britons use an estimated 5 million tonnes of plastic per year. Almost half of this is the packaging. The problem is that plastic waste does not compose. If it should end up in a landfill, it lasts for hundreds of years, and so it can cause considerable environmental damage – polluting our rivers and causing harm to wildlife. Local authorities find such waste really difficult to dispose of. China no longer accepts exported plastic waste due to its volume and contamination issues. Plastic is polluting our oceans. Over 8 million individual pieces of plastic enter the sea every day, with a catastrophic effect on marine wildlife.

Recycling Or Recovery

The UK government has a target for reducing plastic pollution. This involves working towards all packaging being recyclable, reusable or compostable by the year 2025.

When the waste in your skip goes for recycling, it first has to be sorted. Plastic suitable for recycling is decontaminated and whatever is economically viable to recycle goes off to a recycling facility. The rest is recovered rather than recycled. Instead of being sent off to a landfill, it is reused – for example, by recovering energy by incinerating it.

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