Why Recycle?

We need to improve drastically when it comes to recycling. Although big strides forward have been made to increase the amount of household recycling, our overall rates are still below the government’s 50% target. So why recycle? Read our article in full to find out more…

Why Recycle?

In the UK, the recycling rate for plastic bottles is only 45% – far short of Germany’s rate of over 90%. Increasing the amount of waste we recycle can help improve the world around us. Read on to discover the benefits of recycling.

Why Is Waste Increasing?

  • We are becoming wealthier and so we buy more products – creating more waste.
  • The population is increasing, which means more people are creating waste.
  • New technology and packaging means many products contain non-biodegradable materials.
  • There have been changes to lifestyles that mean create more non-biodegradable waste.

Conservation Of Our Natural Resources

The resources of the planet are finite. If we recycle wood we can save forests. While it’s possible to plant new trees it’s impossible to replace the ancient woodlands once they’re lost. If we recycle plastic, there is less need to make new plastic from hydrocarbons and recycling metal means we don’t need to mine at vast expense and cause harm to the environment.

Energy Can Be Saved

More energy is needed to make products from new materials than from recycled material. For example, aluminium from recycled foil and cans uses 95% less energy than making it from scratch.

When paper recycled, 40% less energy is used compared with using new wood fibres, and recycling a single glass bottle saves enough energy to power a 100W lightbulb for 4 hours.

Top Household Recycling Tips

  • Get more bins – putting a bin in every room enables you to more effectively collect recyclable items.
  • Recycle old appliances and technology – next time you buy a new smartphone, computer or washing machine, recycle your old one. Stores offer recycling options for such appliances.
  • Recycle food and water –pour the water from pasta onto your flower beds instead of down the sink and turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth.

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