Christmas Recycling Ideas

There is an additional influx of waste in homes over Christmas – up to 30% more rubbish than usual. That includes Christmas trees, Christmas wrapping paper, old and unused toys and the huge amount of plastic packaging and cardboard boxes that accumulate in just one morning. Luckily, Martlands Skip Hire has some Christmas recycling ideas to help you manage your waste.

Christmas Recycling Ideas

Don’t let the clutter that builds up over the festive season get out of hand. Hiring a Martlands skip to dispose of the old and make space for the new is a great way to keep untidiness at bay.

Hiring a skip will take away most of the hassle when it comes to organising and separating your waste. Apart from specified hazardous waste (e.g. tyres, paint, asbestos), all your rubbish can go into the Martlands skip, where it will be sorted by the experts at our dedicated recycling site. At Martlands Skip Hire, we have a wide selection of skip-hire solutions, from midi-skips upwards.

Reuse What You Can

Not all festive waste has to go to landfill. Christmas cards and wrapping paper can be reused.  You can turn Christmas cards into Christmas decorations, use them for gift tags or create festive gift bags.


Batteries are a Christmas day staple with all those new toys needing power. It may seem easier to throw your used batteries in your general waste bin, but they are actually hazardous waste so they should be disposed of at your local supermarket or recycling centre.

Christmas Tree

Plastic Christmas trees aren’t great for the environment, but they last a long time. Real Christmas trees are great, but they damage the environment too when they are chopped down. Some suppliers offer Christmas trees in a pot so you can keep them alive longer by replanting – or can use them as firewood.

Martlands Skip Hire

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