Dispose of a Washing Machine Responsibly

How to Dispose of a Washing Machine Responsibly

When it comes to disposing of an old washing machine, it can be daunting.  But there are loads of options open to you for legal disposal. Read our helpful guide on how to dispose of a washing machine responsibly…

How to Dispose of a Washing Machine Responsibly

Washing machines are “hazardous waste”. This means they need extra attention when disposing of them.  Here are some options, depending on the reason for your change:

Washing Machine Is Broken

A broken washer cannot just be thrown into a skip.  Apart from their weight, hazardous items need specialist disposal.

Recycling Centre

Recycling centres are by far the simplest way to dispose of an old washing machine, as long as they will accept them.

Council Collection

Your local council could be able to save you time and effort. Most local authorities offer a collection service.


You can contact the washing machine retailer you bought the appliance from or a private repair company to see if the machine can be repaired.

I’m Getting A New Washing Machine

Here are some responsible options for getting rid of working washing machines:


If your old washing machine is working, donation is an option to consider. You could approach a charity shop, or give it to a family member or friend.


The retailer where you purchased the new washing machine will often take it back off your hands. Many retailers now act as recycling centres so you can part-exchange your old item for a discount off a new model.

In Summary…

Your old washing machine may not be waste, so throwing it away should be your last resort. If you must, please be responsible and consider your disposal options.

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