Guide To Skip Road Permits

Guide To Skip Road Permits

When you hire a skip, there are occasions when you need Skip Road Permits. A permit is required if the skip has to be placed on the public highway (that is the roads or pavement). The skip road permit has to be up to date and valid – and appropriate for the type of waste you are creating.

Skip Road Permits

Skip road permits are issued by the local council. The cost and regulations vary for different councils and are subject to rules in the Highways Act 1980 and Section 139 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984.

You have to consider:

  • The initial cost
  • The length of the permit’s validity
  • Prior notice needed
  • Renewal cost

A reputable waste company like Martlands Skip Hire can usually arrange to skip permits on your behalf. Certain areas require the customer to apply for the permit directly.

Some Important Safety Measures To Remember:

  • cones and amber flashing marker lights may need to be placed around the skip, so it is visible when it’s dark
  • reflective markers will be fixed on both ends of the skip, don’t cover them
  • where possible, avoid placing the skip over manhole covers, drains, grates or utility access points

Make Sure:

  • The skip’s contents don’t stick out from the sides: this is dangerous to road users and pedestrians
  • Don’t overfill the skip. Its contents must be stable. You can cover them with netting to stop waste materials from blowing out
  • The skip doesn’t contain any materials that pose a risk of fire, explosion or that release toxic Special waste disposal is needed for items that pose a health or environmental hazard

What Is An Enclosed Skip?

You may wish to hire an enclosed skip. These are lockable, and they stop the contents from falling out or overhanging. There will be less dust, too, as placing items inside will not be as disruptive. For more information about skip road permits please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on a local number below:-

Wigan Skip Hire 01942 417456
Bamber Bridge Skip Hire 01772 364 399
Skelmersdale Skip Hire 0151 909 6399
Penwortham Skip Hire 01772 364399
Formby Skip Hire 0151 909 6399 

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