Litter and Fly Tipping Facts

Litter and Fly Tipping Facts

Fly-tipping is the term used to describe waste that is illegally deposited. Anything from a single bin bag to thousands of tonnes of construction waste may constitute a fly-tip. Read our Litter and Fly Tipping Facts guide for more information.

Litter and Fly Tipping Facts

The illegal disposal of waste adversely affects the environment. Litter and Fly Tipping threatens the health of humans and wildlife, damages the environment, and spoils our towns and countryside.

  • A fly-tipping incident occurs every 12 seconds
  • Fly-tipping costs the public purse around £72 every minute.
  • The estimated cost of clearing illegally dumped waste is £73m per year
  • The cost of clearing fly-tipping from agricultural land 2005/06 according to the Environment Agency was £50 million.
  • Property prices fall in areas subject to repeated fly-tipping and businesses suffer as people stay away.
  • Local authorities deal with more than 2.6m fly-tipping incidents every year.
  • Over half of fly-tipping incidents are reported in alleyways.
  • Black bags full of domestic rubbish account for two-thirds of fly-tipping
  • 77 per cent of fly-tips includes household waste.
  • 95% of farmers have had to clear up other people’s rubbish from their land.

Rogue waste disposal companies often fly-tip to avoid paying a disposal fee called landfill tax. The cost of removing household waste is paid for through council tax, but business waste is not, and there is a charge to have this waste removed or drop it off at a tip.

Litter and fly tipping crime is not a risk worth taking, as fines of up to £20,000 and six months imprisonment can result if you are caught – or if you employ an unlicensed carrier and the fly-tipped waste is traced back to you. Fines are unlimited at Crown Courts, who can imprison offenders for two years for non-hazardous waste, and five years if hazardous waste is fly-tipped.

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