Products from Recycled Materials

Plastic has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, but luckily for us, in most applications, it can be replaced with recycled materials.

Products from Recycled Materials

As governments and industry continues to commit to an increased amount of recycling, the applications for recycled plastic also are expanding.

First, the raw materials are refined into propane and ethane, then they are heated to turn it into ethylene and propylene, Finally, the materials are combined to create different polymers(PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE, etc.). To allow for the recycling of plastic, it must be processed in the same polymer types. This can be a challenge depending on the collection and sorting infrastructure that is in place.

Recycled ocean plastic is more difficult to recycled because it has already been exposed to sunlight, making it degrade rapidly. Nevertheless, a variety of items can be recycled including shampoo and detergent bottles, trays from packaging, and drinks bottles.

Plastic items are everywhere but innovative thinking has proven that there are just as many things that we can make from recycled material instead.

What can we make from plastic bottles?

Most plastic bottles are made from PET plastic. They are most commonly recycled into more bottles or garden furniture, playground equipment, clothing, carpeting, and car parts. Some other examples of recycled materials being used in new applications are food packaging, agricultural products and a variety of other products, including outdoor furniture.

What other plastics are used in recycled garden furniture?

Some other materials that are used in the production of outdoor furniture are greenhouse covers, irrigation pipes, mulching film and rain reservoirs.

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