Reasons Why You Need A Registered Waste Carrier

Registered Waste Carrier
Whether you are redecorating at home, refitting a shop or embarking on a new construction as a building contractor, there is one thing in common. You need to call upon the services of a registered waste carrier to dispose of the waste that you produce.

Reasons Why You Need To Use A Registered Waste Carrier

Why is using a registered waste carrier so important?

Failure to Dispose of Waste Properly

Your waste is your responsibility. If you fail to dispose of your waste properly then you could be fined up to £250,000 or even given a prison sentence. This alone should be more than enough to persuade you to use a registered waste carrier to lawfully dispose of your waste.

Damage to the Environment

If waste isn’t disposed of in the right way, it has a significant effect on the environment. Waste can pollute rivers, harming wildlife and putting harmful chemicals into the soil.

Health Hazard

Waste that is dumped can be hazardous to health. Sharp objects can harm wildlife and people, and if there is a material such as asbestos in the waste, it has a serious effect on people in the area.

Cost of Clear Up

We are all trying to cut costs – but a big portion of your council tax goes on the cost of clearing up illegally dumped waste. It doesn’t cost much money to hire a skip, and by doing so, you know that you are doing your bit to save the council money.

Martlands Skip Hire

With a selection of skips and a dedicated recycling centre, Martlands Skip Hire can help you this New Year to deal with your waste. We take care of all the arrangements for you – including getting a council permit for a roadside skip if you need one. Our staff are approachable and want to help. So, if you need to hire a  skip, call Martlands Skip Hire on a regional number below:-

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