Refrigerator Disposal Guide

Guide To Disposing Of Old Appliances

Refrigerator Disposal Guide

Disposing of an old fridge or fridge freezer to make room for a new one doesn’t have to be tricky; our refrigerator disposal guide will take the stress away.

Refrigerator Disposal Guide

Unlike other types of general household waste, you cannot load your old fridge into a skip. Despite the fact you’d struggle to lift it, it’s illegal to dispose of fridges in such a way. There are many cases of illegally fly-tipped fridges, and they cause harm to public health as well as the environment.

Was your fridge manufactured before the year 2000?

The year 2000 was the turning point in refrigerator making! Prior to this, fridges were full of nasty substances; mainly Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). These substances were phased out of use by the year 2000. If your fridge pre-dates this, make sure whoever is collecting and disposing of it is aware.

Can my fridge be donated or sold?

If your fridge still has plenty of life in it, you can donate it to someone in need. Your unwanted fridge could be perfect for somebody such as a family member or friend – or many charities will accept it, some may even collect.

Another option is to sell your old fridge, which you can do online or by putting a classified ad in the local paper. 

Recycling centres

If your fridge or fridge freezer is at the end of its life, disposal is the only option. Before transporting your fridge to the local recycling centre, make sure they will accept it, as not all can – especially those from before 2000.


Finally, the council may offer you a collection service. Call them to find out prices and waiting times.

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