Responsible Waste Disposal

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Waste must be disposed of responsibly by a licenced waste carrier. But what do we mean when we talk about responsible waste disposal?

Responsible Waste Disposal

Responsible waste disposal is about protecting the environment. Martlands Skip Hire are dedicated to recycling concept we operate our own recycling facility to ensure that as much as possible of your waste is recycled. We then dispose of the remainder of your waste in a responsible way.

For items that are hazardous to health or that damage our environment, the government has very strict rules about how we recycle these materials or make them safe. These rules prevent dangerous materials from contaminating the water supply or landscape. For materials that are incinerated, the atmospheric output is tightly controlled. New power plants are being widely developed to use energy derived from incinerated waste to generate electricity.

Unauthorised waste disposal companies don’t just break the law – they cause immense harm to our country and harm the health of our citizens. Dumping waste in the waterways, fly tipping and illegal incineration are dangerous and wasteful; by preventing recyclable material from being reused, they cause demand for new materials from industry. Ultimately these costs filter down to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Martlands Skip Hire are a licensed waste disposal company. This means you can trust us to manage your waste safely, effectively and with due consideration for the environment. It is simply not even worth the risk to use anyone else for your waste management needs.

Martlands Skip Hire

With a selection of skips and a dedicated recycling centre, Martlands Skip Hire can help you this New Year to deal with your waste. We take care of all the arrangements for you – including getting a council permit for a roadside skip if you need one. Our staff are approachable and want to help. So, if you need to hire a  skip, call Martlands Skip Hire on a local phone number below:-

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