The Consequences of a Poor Waste Management Plan

Poor Waste Management Plan

There is more to waste management than just hiring a skip: a poor waste management plan can have terrible consequences.

The Consequences of a Poor Waste Management Plan

Nobody wants to see rubbish piled up. It an ugly sight, and not only that, it stinks, especially on warm days!

Risks to human health

Rubbish attracts all manner of undesirable creatures: flies, rats and cockroaches can act as carriers for diseases like dengue fever, malaria, hepatitis and typhus.

Rats bring the risk of Salmonellosis and Weil’s disease, and the invisible germs in your piles of rubbish cause conditions like scabies, cholera and tetanus.

E-waste –old electronic devices such as smartphones or laptops –has become a big problem recently. The toxins within them include heavy metals and chemicals such as cadmium, beryllium and mercury.

Risks to animal health

Wild animals can be caught on, cut or choked by waste that hasn’t been disposed of properly.

Risk of Fire

A lot of the waste you dispose of is flammable: paper, wood, packaging, wrappers, insulation materials and so on. Car tyres can cause large fires, and they are made from chemicals that are dangerous when released into the atmosphere – which happens when they are burned.

Damage to the environment

You will probably be well aware of the long-term impact of non-biodegradable items, such as plastic waste, on our planet. More locally, rubbish piles can block drainage systems, which creates stagnant pools of water. As the waste decomposes, it can produce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.

How can you midimise the risks?

The safest way to reduce or eliminate these dangers is to produce less waste in the first place. However, not everything is easily recycled or reused, and a certain amount of waste of inevitable.

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