Tyre Disposal

Tyre Disposal

If you need to organise the disposal of some old or worn tyres, there are a few things you need to consider. It is a criminal offence to dispose of tyres improperly, so it is essential that you do your homework before throwing them away. Read our tyre disposal guide for more information…

Tyre Disposal

Not all councils allow you to take tyres to the tip, and those who do often charge a fee per tyre. You will need to get in touch with your local council to check what their specific policy on tyre disposal is. They will be able to guide you as to whether or not they will accept tyres.

Some tyre fitting companies or car garages may be able to take old tyres off your hands, again with a fee attached. Give them a call as not all companies can do this.

There are also specialised firms that deal with waste tyres. They will again charge you to collect and dispose of the old tyres, but this can save you the hassle of ringing around to find a tip or a garage that will accept old tyres.

Remember to always double-check that any company you intend to use has a waste carrier’s license and will give you all the legally required paperwork. Only a registered waste carrier can legally dispose of tyres, so if find somewhere that offers to take them for a low fee or free, do your due diligence and ask to see their license.  A legitimate company will be pleased to help.

You cannot throw tyres away in a skip. Skip companies are not able to dispose of tyres out of skips, and won’t accept a skip with tyres in it.

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