Who Is Responsible for Fly Tipped Waste

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Who Is Responsible for Fly Tipped Waste

As waste management costs have risen over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of incidents of fly-tipping. It is a common misconception that fly-tipping is restricted to rural areas: more and more instances are happening in cities too. But who is responsible for fly tipped waste?

Who Is Responsible for Fly Tipped Waste

Fly-tipping is “The illegal deposit of any waste onto land which does not have a licence to accept it”. This means fly-tipped waste can be anything from a single chair to huge amounts of industrial waste; if it’s dumped on unlicensed land, it’s fly-tipped.

Is It Illegal?

Yes. It is a criminal offence that could see you get a hefty fine of £50,000, and prison sentences if you are a repeat offender.

When am I responsible for fly tipped waste or at risk of prosecution?

  • If waste is illegally dumped on your land
  • If you collect of store waste on land that you own
  • If your waste is fly-tipped by a third-party waste carrier
  • If you dump your waste on unlicensed land
  • If you dump someone else’s waste on unlicensed land

How To avoid Fly-Tipping

The threat of prosecution may be scary, but help is available to protect yourself.

Waste has been fly-tipped on my land

Don’t panic. Report it to the Environment Agency as soon as possible. You still have a responsibility, even though it isn’t your waste, as it is on your land. As fly-tipping is a criminal offence it will be treated as a criminal investigation.

My waste is being collected by somebody else

You remain responsible for your waste after it has been collected. You may have found a cheap waste collection company, but fines will cost you a lot more if the waste is not disposed of legally. Check that they have a waste carriers’ licence. Ask where they are taking your waste.

I’m clearing the waste myself

You may wish to dispose of the waste yourself.  You still need to be careful. Make sure that you are taking your waste to a licensed waste facility. Depending on what you are disposing of, you may  need a waste carriers’ licence to legally transport waste to another location.

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